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A unique software product, of great value to the Greek language (one of the world's oldest scripts).
AUTOMATICALLY converts Greek monotonic texts into polytonic ones.ap-pro-old
















What's new in version ΙΙ;

Version II is fully enriched with thousands of new words and now includes more than 110.000 stems. The application has also been improved, providing a more functional way of accentuation.


It is based on intelligent algorithms which deal with the complex accentuation rules, as well as a vast database of approximately 750 MB.

The database supports Ancient Greek, New Testament Greek, Katharevousa (Purist Greek), and Demotic Greek (Standard Modern Greek).

The AUTOMATED ACCENTUATOR is impressive, not only because it is a great tool for experts, but because even an ignoramus can produce impeccable polytonic Greek, even if they ignore the orthographical and accentuation rules of polytonic Greek!

Test it!

You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us any monotonic Greek text (up to 2 or 3 paragraphs) and we will accentuate it and return it back to you so that you can see for yourselves the AUTOMATED ACCENTUATOR software at work.

Even if you have a thorough knowledge of the grammatical rules of the polytonic system, you can increase your productivity by using the Automated Accentuator.

The polytonically accentuated test will be in Unicode format so that you can do further work on it with a word processor like Microsoft Word or any desktop publishing program which supports Unicode. For professional DTP software (such as QuarkXPress, PageMaker), that does not support Unicode technology, you can make use of the Export option in order to convert text into another format.

The conversion of the text can be either fully automatic or interactive. The latter mode allows the disambiguation of homophones, as well as homographs which can be accented in different syllables, providing you with all the necessary grammatical information.

You can type a monotonic text using Microsoft Word, or any other Windows program, and you can even import a text in text format (.ΤΧΤ) or Rich Text Format (.RTF).




email green arrow Automated Accentuation of non-accented texts in Ancient and Modern Greek.

email green arrow Type Greek accented (polytonic) texts.

email green arrow Automated de-accentuation of accented (polytonic) texts.

email green arrow Editor's assistance. It is a unique tool which significantly reduces the time you spend on editing.

email green arrow Automated Accentuation of non-accented texts in Ancient and Modern Greek.

email green arrow Hyphenation. The Automated Accentuator can hyphenate accented (polytonic) texts.



email green arrow Export to other accented (polytonic) formats. You can export Unicode accented (polytonic) texts to other formats so that they can be used by applications which do not support Unicode. You can export the following formats: Apple Macintosh, Magenta Polytonistis 1, GR-Soft polytonic system. You can also export as  HTML for Web publishing. Supported DTP software: QuarkXPress, PageMaker.





email green arrow Add new words to database. You can add new words and change the way any word is accented.

email green arrow Accentuation documentation. Automated Accentuator can display information about the rules used for any word's accentuation (Sample).

email green arrow Software live update, through the Internet.

email green arrow Enable - Disable typing of accented (polytonic) texts in order to use installed Windows keyboard drivers.

email green arrow Replace Engish characters with equivalent Greek characters (i.e. "d" with "delta").

email green arrow Import non-accented (monotonic) Greek text from Apple Macintosh.

email green arrow Import accented (polytonic) Greek text from Apple Macintosh, Magenta Polytonistis 1.0 and  GR-SOFT polytonic systems.

email green arrow Convert non-Unicode accented (polytonic) texts to Unicode format inside MS-Word. Supported formats: Magenta Polytonistis 1.0, SGREEK, GreekKeys, SMK GreekKeys, Super Greek, MgPolHelvetica and W type Magenta polytonic systems.





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