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Web site Design and Implementation

Either you want to build your first website or upgrade the one you already have, here you will find the best offers! A well structured website will add to your profile and give your costumers a chance to "visit" your company any hour of day.

Your services and products can become more attractive by choosing the right "platform" of publication.
At this point you have to consider to pros and cons of each offer made to you and answer the "basic" questions such as:

  • Do i need a cms system?
  • How can i benefit from such a system ?
  • How much it will cost in the (short-) long run?





Summer Schools


International Contests and Surveys


Hosting for Web site and Emails

We provide high-speed and reliable servers based in Greece for domestic sites.

Different packages from basic to advanced hosting can be purchased and can always upgrade upon demand.


Domain Registration and Management

Domain registration and management are offered for free for every new domain registered and accompanying website created. Trust is the keyword for such sensitive data handling. We are also ready to help you with your already registered domains.

E-Commerce Solutions


We can set up e-commerce solutions for your business. This may include setting up an Online Store with shopping cart facilities, getting you ready to apply for an Online Merchant Account with the bank (integrating your account with a Payment Gateway so payments go directly into your account).  We can save you money, take the stress out of the process and help you get online quickly and successfully. Whatever your e-commerce needs, the end result will be a user-friendly, secure online shop for your customers!




SEO - Search and Found!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can increase natural traffic to your Web site. Good SEO strategies and results come from understanding complex search engine algorithms as well as the aim of the Web site, your target, the most powerful keywords and keeping us with the latest and most productive approach. Our team can analyse your needs and help you with your strategy and implementation as well as providing on-going optimization and monitoring the results of your Web site.



E-Newsletter Solutions

E-Newsletter can give your visitors and potential costumers the ability to follow your company and benefit from the news you have to offer for free. 

Free offers are always welcomed and much appreciated, especially if you have important announcements to make or special information to offer to your audience!

To form a well structured e-NewsLetter you can rely on us to create the templates prepare the contact lists, and provide the tools for you to manage and track your campaigns.



CMS (Content Management Systems)


Static pages is an option only for those that want to have small content published on the internet.

By using a well tested CMS system with modular structure and the ability to interact with third party components and online stores, you get all the power in your hands without relying on your web designer. We have the latest content management tools for you and they are easy to use! 



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